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8 Fun, Creative Uses For Your Moving Boxes

Cardboard Chair Cardboard Chair

Whew, you’re finally unpacked. Now what do you do with all the boxes? Recycle them? Flatten for future use? Both are useful not to mention better for the environment.  But before you opt for the earth-friendly alternative, have some fun!  There are a […]

A Girl’s Guide To Happily Merging Two Households

Merging two households into one means getting on the same page with your partner. But from duplicate items (two waffle irons? Gasp! Whose do you choose?), to clashing tastes (that old, plaid recliner with your new, microfiber couch), seeing eye-to-eye can be easier said than done. Want to prevent your peaceful abode from turning into […]

How To Pack For A Move: 10 Ways To Use Household Items

How To Pack For A Move: 10 Ways To Use Household Items.

Sure, packing up requires the right supplies. But who says you can’t think outside the, ahem, box? From extra padding to maximum utility, here are 10 great ways to make use of household items that you may have already have. It’s the stuff you either […]

Moving Tip: How To Pack Your Kitchen

The kitchen. It’s home to tons of small items, along with so many breakables, like fine china and glassware. No wonder it’s usually considered the worst room to pack.

Man Packing Dishes Tips for packing your kitchen

From avoiding common kitchen-packing woes to handling odds and ends, stay sane, […]

Your Moving Checklist To Guarantee An Easy Move

Moving Checklist Make sure your move is smooth by creating a moving checklist.

Moving is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Thankfully, a little planning makes a big difference, and getting a head start on seemingly minor tasks goes a long way. Help take […]

3 Easy Steps For A Successful Moving Garage Sale

Moving Garage Sale A moving garage sale is an easy way to purge items you don’t need (or have to pack) and to help subsidize your moving costs.

Moving? A moving garage sale, or yard sale, is a win-win, helping you make money (and save money!) on […]

How to Get Downsizing Done Easily


Downsizing — not a word many people embrace in a positive light. However, moving into smaller quarters doesn’t have to be the struggle you may be dreading. In fact, small houses and apartments are pretty simply accommodated for if you just follow a few key tips […]

Storage for Trade Shows Made Easy by Sorensen


Ah, that new-facility smell. With our continued successes in the storage business, along with our expert moving services, Sorensen Moving & Storage was ready to provide even bigger things for the Central Florida community in the way of a 16,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility aimed […]

Moving Tips Everyone Needs After Their Big Move

change your mailing address after you move

It’s finally done. You’ve unpacked the last, hastily duct taped cardboard box with a sigh of relief, deflating upon your couch like an unknotted party balloon. We hate to say it, but your move is not quite […]

Top Non-Theme Park Things to Do in Orlando

If you’re considering a move to our hometown of Orlando, you are in luck; it’s a wonderful time to be in The City Beautiful. Though world renowned for theme parks, Orlando is so much more than The Mouse. We’d like to recommend some hidden gems and local things to do in Orlando that many tourists […]