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Get the latest helpful moving tips and information from Sorensen Moving & Storage. We have tips on everything from making a moving checklist, condensing households, to creative ways of packing. Have an idea or useful tip? Tell us about it at!

DORM ROOM ESSENTIALS: 10 First-year Items to Remember for Your Move

Often a young person's first real move is to college, whether it's moving to an apartment or a dorm room. For dorms, especially, there are certain items that will help a student live well in a small space. For the big move, you can engage professional moving help or do it yourself. Chance are, you won't have a whole lot to move anyway. Packing for the dorm is all about efficiency. If you can get a look at your dorm room ahead of time, you can determine whether you need absolutely everything on this list. For instance, the desk may already have a lap and there might be a window treatment you deem sufficient. We're [...]

July 13th, 2017|

10 Tips for Hiring a Professional Mover

If you're searching for a moving company to make your next move a worry-free experience, it's important to do some research before you sign a contract. The right local moving experts will take good care of you and your belongings from the moment you first call them right until your final box is unloaded. Here are 10 important tips to use when searching for a professional mover: 1. Ask Friends and Family For Referrals When it comes to finding the right mover, start by asking people you trust for recommendations. Your Realtor, co-workers and friends might be able to suggest a local moving company to use, and they may also have ideas about moving companies [...]

June 22nd, 2017|


It’s time to move. You’ve committed to the new house, or the new job across the country, or that cute apartment just across town. Before the house movers come, it’s up to you to make not just their job easier, but yours. It’s time to declutter. Movers and packers will pack and move everything if you ask them to, but then, you’ll have to deal with the whole pile of clutter on the other end — and you’ll pay to move it. Decluttering can be intimidating. Divide your space into smaller territories. Set aside a specific time each day to tackle one of these areas, purge and pack. When you’re ready, take a hard look [...]

June 8th, 2017|


When it’s time for you to look for moving services, you may find a moving broker that seems to offer everything you need. But a moving broker is not the same as a mover, and knowing the difference can save you worries down the road. The best moving companies work with you directly to provide top customer service. They may provide a range of services, from storage to packing to the actual moving of your possessions from your office or your home. Simply put, a broker hires a middle man to do the move. The moving broker engages a carrier to transport cargo and is not responsible for your items. As a rule, the broker [...]

May 25th, 2017|


There are many advantages to hiring professional movers. They not only can pack and move and unpack all of your possessions, but they can do it really well. They also use professional materials. However, if you want moving help but also want to save a little money, you may want to do some packing yourself. Pro tip: Don’t skimp on the packing materials! While you can pick up sturdy boxes from some of your favorite stores, the temptation may be strong to use less than perfect materials if they’re free. Because, hey, they’re free!  But your box isn’t just going to be sitting in the middle of your living room after you fill it with [...]

May 11th, 2017|


As you get ready for your long distance move, it's important to think about the travel that's ahead! With all that's going on, it's easy to forget to some things that will help you prepare for the drive to your new home. The team at Sorensen is here to help! Here are some quick driving tips for long distance moving: Snack Smart Grab snacks and food for meals from the grocery before starting your trip, as well as during it. If you commit to shopping at a grocery, as opposed to a gas station, you’ll most likely eat healthier and feel better as a result during the trip. Try to pre-make some sandwiches and portion [...]

April 27th, 2017|