green-moving_eco-friendlyWhen it comes to moving there are always little things to worry about, but some of us are concerned about the big picture too. We have some ideas on how to make your move easier on your nerves and on the environment.
Take a look at these 3 eco-friendly moving tips!:
  1. Donate:
    You’ve heard it before: purge and purge again! When it’s time to move, not only can you save money but cutting down the amount of stuff you need moved, but it’s also the easiest way to reduce your move’s carbon footprint!

  2. Friendly Materials:
    In lieu of standard bubble wrap or packing peanuts, try using paper, egg cartons, blankets, and towels to pad fragile belongings. Collect boxes from around town to recycle. (liquor stores are a great place!) If you prefer to purchase materials, or have a company pack for you, consider options for reusable pads, recyclable packing paper, and specially marked biodegradable bubble wrap or peanuts. Also take some time to get a better estimate of how many boxes you will actually need!

  3. Sharing is Caring:
    Ask your company if they can offer consolidated shipping for long-distance moves. If they can pack your belongings in a compartmentalized truck with other moves/items, it will reduce gas usage!
If you give yourself enough time to prepare and plan, and you can do these things to help make your move more eco-friendly. As for the rest, avoid extra stress by choosing green - Sorensen Moving and Storage!