Now that you’re in your new home and the stress of the physical move is behind you, it’s time to tackle one final challenge — settling into your new environment. As with any transition, the process can be uncomfortable. But just remember, it’s all temporary! The following tips will have your new digs feeling like “home sweet home” in no time.

Step Out. It may take a little time, energy, and valor, but integrating yourself into your new community is a step that you’ll be glad you took in the long run. Going for a walk, drive, or bike ride to learn your away around the neighborhood and meet your new neighbors is a great way to do this. Adjusting to your new environment is a gradual process, but the sooner you begin to do it, the more settled you will begin to feel in your home.

Join in. A great way to meet friends and to get involved is to join clubs that match your interests. Check out apps like Nextdoor or Meetup to discover what’s happening in your area and join in! Book clubs, gyms, sewing — the possibilities of organizations that can help you to meet people in your new community are endless. And remember, all of the sports leagues, churches, and other parts of your life in your old community will still be available in your new community.

Keep Smiling. Beyond the stress, moving can be quite emotional for many people. It’s important that you take some time every day for yourself. Do something that you enjoy and that makes you feel good. Try not to sweat the small stuff and remember that there is always tomorrow to get to that next box that needs unpacking. It’s natural to miss the way that things were at your old home but try to take time to appreciate the new things in your life as well. Having an optimistic attitude and staying positive will help you to adjust to your new home more quickly.


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