Sorensen worked in conjunction with their Ohio connection to move all my self packed boxes and furniture from a Storage Facility in Ohio. They had a gentleman go to the Storage Facility in Ohio to provide an estimate. The estimate only changed because I added more to the property coming down. On May 1, they met my Ohio friend and loaded up the van. I was told that there were other pickups and that I would see my things within a week. Everything went smoothly. The driver called to let me know ahead of time, several times to keep me posted. When he arrived in Florida, a Sorensen mover was here with his dollie and the two of the them, efficiently off loaded all my possessions. Everything arrived unbroken and was placed in the house and garage as I indicated. This went so smoothly, I couldn’t believe it. Terrific job done by both Sorenson and their Ohio connection of United Van Lines. I was and am very impressed. Thank you for this excellent service.