The sales person deserves to be recognized for his attention to detail and assisting me with preparing for the move. He was always available when I called and did a wonderful job of telling me what to expect, letting me know when and what time the mover would arrive for packing and pickup. He informed me of the entire process so there were no surprises. Leroy S. as well as his entire team that did the packing and loading were exceptional. They were thorough, quick, and professional; definitely employees that Mayflower should be proud to employ. I was extremely apprehensive to be moving although I had used Mayflower previously; however, these gentlemen almost made it fun. I knew that I had nothing to worry about. Although she was not involved in the move, Erin was exceptional. She was extremely patient with me when I was preparing for the move to Georgia. She was always happy to answer my questions no matter how ridiculous they were and always with a smile. I must say that it is comforting to know that excellent service is still a possibility. Thank you all!