Moving can be a strenuous exercise. Hiring professional movers to help with the task definitely reduces the physical strain on you, which is why we highly recommend it! With that said, even with the help of professionals, you will probably still find yourself getting less sleep, feeling more stressed, doing more lifting, and spending more time on your feet during a move than you would any other time. For this reason, we will spend the next few weeks giving you tips on how to take care of yourself during your move. Today, we will focus on how to avoid common injuries associated with moving.

One injury to look out for on moving day is an injury to the finger. If you aren’t careful, fingers can get pinched between walls, doors, and other heavy objects. Be careful if you find yourself moving boxes or furniture through narrow hallways, doors, and the like. The last thing you need around moving time is a trip to the doctor for stitches or to repair a broken finger!
Anyone is at risk of pulling or straining a muscle when lifting objects that are heavier than they are accustomed to. Stretching is always a good idea before doing any lifting. It is also very important to stay hydrated on moving day, as you are more susceptible to muscle strains when you are dehydrated. Do you know which part of the body is most commonly injured during a move? If you guessed the back, then you are correct! To avoid this injury, here are some tips to follow:
-Use slow, smooth movements. When your movements are rushed and erratic, you are more likely to strain a back muscle.
-Avoid twisting your body when lifting. Your body should always be facing the object that you are lifting.
-Keep the object that you are lifting close to your body. Reaching out to lift and carry an object increases the strain on your back and can lead to injury.
-Try to carry the object in the space between your shoulder and your waist. This puts less strain on your back muscles.
-Lift with your legs. This means bending your legs, and not your back, as you pick up a load. Your back should remain straight as you are lifting.
When you put your muscles through more than they are used to, injuries can occur. For this reason, it is very important to know your limits and not to exceed them. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to move something that is beyond your physical capabilities, ask for help!  On moving day, you should definitely let the movers handle all of the heavy lifting. That is what they are there for! Don’t be shy to ask them to move a piece of furniture or box if they have placed it in the wrong area, or if you have changed your mind about where you want something placed. If you need help in the days following your move with some heavy lifting, you might need to ask a family member or friend for assistance. If you don’t have friends or family available to you, than this might be the perfect opportunity for you to meet your neighbors!
Stay tuned for next week, as we will discuss some moving tools that you can use in the days surrounding your move to lessen your chance of injury!