The holidays are usually a pretty hectic time for most people. Between shopping for presents, attending school and work functions, and getting the Christmas lights untangled, it may seem like moving during the holidays is impossible. We’re here to tell you that It is possible to fit in such a huge endeavor and still enjoy your normal festivities! You’re probably asking yourself how? Well we are sure that the next few tips will help you!

1.    Put it on your calendar. The key to being successful at anything is to organize what must be done and when it needs to be done. We suggest writing down all your holiday must dos/wants as well as packing plans on one calendar. By using one calendar you will have an overview of EVERYTHING that needs to be done before and after your move.

2.    Start Early. The earlier you start, the less you’ll have to do in the end. The Holidays are meant to be enjoyed. Do as much as you can early on, so you can spend the extra time with your family and friends. While spending time with family and friends you don’t want boxes all over the place. A garage or spare room are perfect places store any boxes and packing material.

3.    Put Out Minimal Decorations. Even though you are moving that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! There are lots of holiday decorations that you can be put up and don’t require tons of work. Simple lights, strung popcorn, and tinsel look great, are very festive, and are really easy to put up and take down. Depending on how close your moving date is to Christmas you may want to wait until you move into your new home to set up the tree, or you can put it up with minimal ornaments.

4.    Keep your family busy. Don’t let the stress of what you have to do ruin your holiday fun! Follow your holiday calendar, but also include fun activities that the family can do together. Be sure to attend community events before and after your move. Go out and enjoy your communities. If you’re moving far away this may be the last holiday your kids get to spend with their school friends.

5.    Don’t stress the unpacking. Christmas and New Year’s day only come around once a year! You’ll have plenty of time to unpack. Put up your normal Christmas decorations to really make the new place feel like home!

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