By now, your essential items have been unpacked and you’re finally able to maneuver around your new home. What happens next? Not sure how to continue with your other belongings while staying organized? The key to successful unpacking is simple. At Sorensen Moving & Storage, we can’t stress enough the importance of having a system. Remain calm, stay organized, and follow these easy steps. 

Pay attention to all essentials

One of the most overwhelming elements of unpacking is deciding which items to tackle after essential objects are put away. Did you know that shelves and cabinets that may have been dismantled in the move are just as important? While some may consider these to be decorative pieces, they carry a far bigger purpose. If the items being unpacked don’t have a destination, then you’re in trouble and left with a room full of loose clutter that has nowhere to go.

Keep your cool

Don’t rush the process. While this isn’t always a feasible option, try to create a practical game plan prior to arriving at your new home. Visualizing the end goal not only motivates you but also saves time later on when you’re deciding where to put each piece of furniture.

Did you declutter? 

Hopefully, the answer is yes. If not, don’t worry, now is your second chance. As you remove items from boxes that were carefully packed by your moving service, consider tossing them instead of just placing unwanted items crammed in cabinets and underneath beds, that you’ll never see again until the next move. If you’re in rush, choose a storage facility until you’re ready to purge. 

Time is on your side

Well, maybe. At least, it should be if your move was planned ahead. Not everyone has the luxury of dedicating hours a day to unpacking. Don’t look at the whole picture. Think of your unpacking ordeal as a delicious holiday pie you just savored. Slice it up into reasonably sized pieces and suddenly, you’ll find yourself able to focus on each task at hand. 

Clean as you go

Sound familiar? Just as you did while packing, you’ll want to follow the same trend when unpacking. Be careful to avoid stacking empty boxes, bubble wrap and other items in a corner since it will diminish any hope of positive reinforcement with the room’s progress. This is the time to get rid of the boxes as they are emptied, wash laundry or dishes that need cleaning and finish each room at a time. 

At Sorensen Moving & Storage, we’re here to help in every stage of the moving process. Contact us today to receive a quote or schedule a virtual moving estimate.