Meet the Team of Executives That Makes Moving a Breeze

Anthony Parziale - Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Parziale – Chief Executive Officer

Since entering the facility services industry in 1995, Anthony Parziale has built an enviable reputation characterized by unwavering integrity and professionalism within the New York Metropolitan business landscape. Joining The Advance Group in 2001, Anthony’s intrinsic talent for team-building, unparalleled customer service, and strategic business acquisitions have been pivotal to the company’s growth trajectory.

Assuming the role of CEO, Anthony’s dynamic leadership stems from a sales-centric foundation. He is instrumental in orchestrating the organization’s strategic vision, nurturing employee growth, and ensuring consistent and stellar execution across all fronts. This holistic approach has not only strengthened The Advance Group’s brand but also showcased its deep-rooted commitment to service excellence. Fueled by a keen instinct for business diversification, Anthony has adeptly steered the firm towards innovative service areas, thus amplifying its market presence. His emphasis on fostering talent has culminated in a robust sales team composed of the industry’s top talent. Under Anthony’s stewardship, the company has witnessed a remarkable surge in revenue.

Beyond his professional achievements, Anthony is a devoted family man, residing on the North Shore of Long Island, NY, with his wife and four children. He seamlessly melds business with leisure, often hosting clients, colleagues, and industry peers at his picturesque Long Island residence. An avid wine aficionado, Anthony relishes curating exquisite wine-pairing dinners, often culminating with a serene boat cruise on the Long Island Sound for sunset. When he’s not steering The Advance Group’s ambitions, Anthony can be found on the golf course, voyaging with his family, or discovering new horizons aboard their boat.

Anthony serves on the Office Moving Alliance (OMA) board, contributing to this prominent industry association’s strategic direction and growth. In addition to his role with OMA, his industry affiliations include the CoreNet Global NYC Chapter, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), and the Commercial Industrial Brokers Society (CIBS). A true advocate for networking and community development, Anthony was a founding board member of Long Island Elite, a group dedicated to fostering business ties and championing philanthropic causes. His business prowess was recognized in 2005 when the Long Island Business News selected him as one of the top business professionals under the age of 40 on Long Island.

KJ Kennedy - Chief Operating Officer

KJ Kennedy – Chief Operating Officer

Joining The Advance Group in 2015, KJ Kennedy has become an indispensable member of the organization. His unique blend of experiences in financial technology, commercial real estate, and the hospitality sector provides the executive team with a breadth of knowledge that has been pivotal in driving the company’s success.

Beginning as a Project Manager, KJ’s remarkable aptitude for leadership and innovation saw him rise swiftly within the company. He took on pivotal roles, such as Director of Systems Development and Director of Administration, before eventually becoming the Chief Operating Officer. His trajectory through the ranks is a testament to his capabilities in strategic planning, team development, project management, analytics, negotiation, and, notably, process improvement.

KJ Kennedy’s multifaceted expertise plays an integral role in the continued success of The Advance Group. His holistic approach to business, blending people-centric strategies with advanced technology and data analytics, has driven transformative changes throughout the company. Notably, KJ has been instrumental in guiding the organization through critical company acquisitions and transitions, ensuring a smooth integration and alignment with the company’s core values and objectives. Under his watchful eye, The Advance Group has optimized its processes, bolstered its financial standing, and implemented incentive-based programs that benefit both employees and the company as a whole. Beyond these impressive accomplishments, KJ’s leadership has nurtured a work environment where customer satisfaction is paramount and where employees experience a deep sense of camaraderie, purpose, and fulfillment in their roles.

A graduate of Lynn University, KJ holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Hospitality Management. Outside of his demanding professional life, he cherishes the simpler joys. Whether boating, fishing, hunting, surfing, or globe-trotting, KJ is always on the move. Yet, some of his most treasured moments are those spent in the company of his wife, family, and his loyal Golden Retriever, Jack Kennedy.

Ellen Chapin - Chief Financial Officer

Ellen Chapin – Chief Financial Officer

Ellen Chapin is the dynamic CFO behind The Advance Group, playing a pivotal role in steering the financial ship of the company toward success. With over two decades of financial leadership under her belt, Ellen’s astute financial acumen and strategic planning have been invaluable assets to our team.

Before joining The Advance Group, Ellen honed her skills with several leading global corporations, crafting innovative financial strategies and risk management solutions that have left lasting imprints.

At The Advance Group, Ellen isn’t just about numbers. She is passionate about fostering a culture of innovation, accountability, and transparency. Her leadership style is characterized by her ability to inspire her team, always emphasizing the importance of a collaborative approach to financial planning.

Join us in celebrating Ellen’s contributions to The Advance Group. Her expertise, dedication, and vision continue to be integral in charting the future of our enterprise.

Jeff Silverstein - Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff Silverstein – Chief Revenue Officer

Serving as the Chief Revenue Officer, Jeff Silverstein stands as an embodiment of commitment and in-depth knowledge in the Moving and Storage sector. His journey, beginning in 2007, has seen him traverse diverse roles – from Operations Management at A-1 First Class Moving to being a Branch Manager at Beltmann Relocation Group.

Jeff’s diversified experience places him in a unique vantage point, allowing him to have insights into the entire spectrum of the industry. This encompasses everything from commercial and residential moves to logistics, warehousing, and asset management. With a knack for providing tailored solutions, Jeff’s operational acumen ensures that every move is executed with precision and efficiency.

Having collaborated with esteemed organizations such as NBC Universal, Nestle Nespresso, Dentsu, Guardian Life Insurance, and NEC, Jeff’s client portfolio is a testament to his unmatched service excellence.

A dedicated professional, Jeff’s affiliations span across leading industry bodies. He is an active member of the New York chapters of IFMA (International Facility Management Association) and CORENET, the premier association for global corporate real estate and workplace professionals. Beyond this, his dedication to the community shines through as he serves on the IFMA Cares Committee and contributes to various executive network groups in New York City.

Jeff’s academic credentials include a degree in Business Management from SUNY New Paltz. Beyond his corporate persona, Jeff’s philanthropic side is evident in his board positions at Boystown and Eye to Eye, where he generously donates his time and resources. Jeff Silverstein is not just an industry stalwart; he is a professional driven by passion, precision, and a purpose to make a difference.

Jim Molloy Jr. - Senior Vice President, Administration & IT

Jim Molloy Jr. – Senior Vice President, Administration & IT

Jim Molloy Jr. serves as the Senior VP of Administration for The Advance Group, having been with the company since his high school years in 1984. Starting in the warehouse, Jim quickly progressed to roles such as assistant dispatcher and support for Sales and Customer Service.

Upon obtaining his BA in Information Technology in 1994, Jim took charge of the company’s information and technology needs, revolutionizing the corporate network from scratch and rendering the company self-reliant for IT services. His exceptional programming acumen led to the customization of various applications, including the company’s accounting software.

Jim was instrumental in installing the corporate asset management inventory system and developing a web interface that enables clients to access their inventory online. His initiatives also include establishing the infrastructure for document storage and incorporating document storage software.

A hands-on professional, Jim personally oversees facilities management services and is responsible for the maintenance of centralized access systems. As the chairman of the CRM committee, Jim plays a pivotal role in introducing new software, aiming to optimize and enhance the use of The Advance Group’s expansive customer database.

Justyn Cole Vice President of Business Development

Justyn Cole – Vice President of Business Development

A vital part of the Sorensen team since 2017, Justyn Cole holds a General Business degree from UCF. He loves working with a fun and caring team and is responsible for creating the inside sales team at Sorensen. Justyn manages the residential sales team and personally handles both residential and commercial business projects. Previously working as a Compensation Claims Adjuster, Justyn Cole prides himself on being accessible and responsive to Sorensen clients and team members. In his free time, he plays golf, watches Miami Dolphins football, and enjoys spending time at the beach.