Moving Supplies and Packing Material

Regarding moving boxes and packing supplies, you should trust the professionals. The moving boxes and materials we sell here are the same as those we use in our full-service moves. Contact your move coordinator or call us for moving boxes in Orlando at 407-447-2773 or Melbourne at 321-456-9040.

Moving Boxes

The sizes and strength of the boxes are designed to be used for moving services. Beyond fitting the right items in the boxes, the moving boxes must be made to stand up to the rigors of moving, be strong enough to stack and resist damage stably. Better than big box store boxes, Sorensen moving boxes are what professional movers use.

Moving Supplies

Packing Material

Packing materials for moving are designed to handle the various needs involved in the moving process. From bubble wrap to packing paper, the material must fill loose spaces, pad belongings, and cushion contents from knocks. Skimping on the packing material can likely cause damaged items even when the box appears fine on the outside. Ensure you are using materials that are made to handle the rigors of moving.