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When Melbourne & Orlando residents need reliable and affordable apartment moving services, they contact Sorensen Moving & Storage. We provide the residents of Melbourne & Orlando City with the most dependable and cost-efficient moving services in the area.

If you are moving to or from a new apartment in the Melbourne & Orlando area, let the professional movers at Sorensen Moving & Storage take care of it for you.

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Moving to the Suburbs? The Smoothest Move Around

Many city apartment residents are looking for a change of pace by moving out to the suburbs. But parking hassles, tight streets, and close quarters can make it difficult for a DIY’er to move out of a city apartment.

Driving a rental truck through the city and the work and risk of carrying big furniture down the stairs or cramming into a tight elevator are best done by movers with experience in apartment moves.

Sorensen Moving & Storage apartment movers have the training, tools, and experience to make the process a breeze, and our drivers can navigate the city streets as nobody else can. What can take days and weeks for a DIY apartment move can be done in one hour-long move.

Moving to the Suburbs_ The Smoothest NYC Move

Your Melbourne & Orlando Move Made Easy

Sorensen Moving & Storage has served thousands of satisfied customers. As Melbourne & Orlando evolved over the years, so have we. We adopt new technologies to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible, and customer satisfaction is our first priority. Here’s how Sorensen Moving & Storage makes your move easier:

  • Updater Services: Updater allows you to forward your mail, connect you with utility companies, notify your friends, family, subscriptions, and other programs of your new address, and more!
  • Shipment Tracking: Track the progress of your moving truck so you can stay up to date minute by minute.
  • Settle-in Services: Do you want to skip the hassle of setting up your electronics, installing appliances, and disposing of debris? Sorensen Moving & Storage will handle all of that for you with our flexible settle-in services.
Short and Long-Term Storage

Short and Long-Term Storage

Finding leases that overlap perfectly can be challenging, often requiring storage during the moving process. Sorensen Moving & Storage provides short-term and long-term storage between residences.

Melbourne & Orlando’s Apartment Moving Services

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