At Sorensen Allied Moving and Storage, it is our goal to make your moving experience as stress free and pleasant as possible.  We work hard to provide the best quality within the moving industry.
Though it’s our goal to ensure that you have the best move possible, there are a number of things that could happen during your move that we just don’t have control over.  In the event that an issue arises, we want our customers to be aware of what to expect, how to handle it, what your rights, responsibilities and options are.
Sorensen’s, as well as Allied Van Lines, work hard to assign a driver to your shipment.  In the event that a driver is unavailable to pick up your shipment on the date that you have requested, we at Sorensen Moving & Storage will pick up your shipment and hold it at our warehouse until a driver is assigned.  This isn’t an ideal situation but can happen from time to time.  We will still work hard with Allied to ensure that your delivery falls within your delivery spread. 
In the event that you do not receive your household goods within your delivery spread, you may be eligible for a delay claim through Allied Van Lines.  On the first day after the last day of your delivery spread, you may be eligible for reimbursement of costs such as hotel stay, food, and certain necessities.  For more information, please contact Allied Van Lines at 1-800-444-6787 or you can visit their website at
Delivery spreads are based off of the weight and mileage of your shipment.  Once you and your Account Executive have agreed upon your moving contract, you are liable to be available every day during your delivery spread.  You will be contacted by your move coordinator as well as your driver at least 24 hours prior to expected delivery.  If you cannot be available during your delivery spread, your driver has the right to charge an hourly rate for waiting time or put your goods into the closest storage facility at your expense. 
If you cannot be available for your delivery during your delivery spread, to avoid the extra expense, it is always good to have a representative on your behalf.  Make sure that it is someone you trust such as a relative, spouse, or close friend.
Another issue that may arise is what we call an overflow.  An overflow occurs when a driver cannot fit all of your household goods onto his truck.  At this time, Sorensen Moving & Storage will send out another truck to pick up the remainder of your items and they will be held in our warehouse until another driver is assigned to haul the remainder of your goods.
The above issues can make your move less than ideal. Unfortunately these issues take place industry wide and cannot be predicted.  By informing our customers and giving them knowledge of these issues in advance, we maintain our quality and work hard to keep each of our customers satisfied no matter what situation may arise. 
And of course, please don’t hesitate to visit our website in order to learn more about the services we can provide to you or your company, as we service local, out of state, corporate, and commercial moves. 
You can also reach us toll free at 1-800-926-2770 with any questions regarding our moving services.