A woman and man in short-sleeve shirts are packing a moving box on a dining table.Everyone’s adrenaline levels can skyrocket during a move. It’s easy to quickly rush through a move to settle into your new home. Before sprinting to the finish line, it’s important to remember safe moving practices to ensure everyone remains healthy and safe. Moving safety tips not only help protect your moving team but also help protect your belongings. 

The moving tips below are easy to follow and can help guarantee a successful household move.

1. Use Equipment to Help

Plenty of moving supplies and equipment can make moving more manageable. Take advantage of furniture dollies and sliders to help move heavy furniture. Loading up a dolly or implementing a furniture slider can help save your back from heavy and potentially dangerous lifting.

2. Lift Properly

Incorrectly lifting a heavy item can strain, sprain, or pull your muscles. Remember always to use proper lifting techniques, especially when lifting heavy objects. You’ll want to use your legs to lift and not your back. Remember to squat next to heavy items before lifting rather than bending at the waist. When you stand up, push from your legs rather than pulling with your back.

3. Prepare Your Body

Moving heavy furniture and boxes is hard work that requires preparation. You’ll want to care for your body before and during the move to ensure you aren’t injured. Eat a good meal the night before the relocation and try to get a good night’s rest. Remember to eat frequently during the move and drink plenty of water. You’ll also want to take short breaks throughout the day to prevent burning out.

4. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Wearing the proper clothing can make all the difference for a move. Remember to wear close-toed shoes with plenty of traction. Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and won’t get caught or snagged on boxes and furniture. If you’re moving in the summer, wear cool and breathable clothing that will prevent overheating.

5. Protect Small Feet (and paws!)

As much as you want your family included in the moving day, there are better places for small children. As adults move heavy boxes and furniture, it is easy for little toes to get crushed or stepped on. During the moving day, try to find a place for young children to stay so they won’t get in the way of the movers. Staying with a relative or in another part of the house clear of movers is an excellent idea. Remember to keep your animals safely away from movers, too! Arrange for them to go to a neighbor’s house to avoid them escaping out an open door.

6. Double-Tape Boxes

Even if you have purchased the necessary moving supplies, like strong boxes and protective wrap, it’s an excellent idea to double-tape the underside of the boxes. Giving the bottom of the carton extra support can help prevent breaking and better protect yourself and your belongings.

7. Keep Paths Clear

Clear all paths inside and outside your new home to prevent trips and falls. Make sure exits are left open with plenty of room to negotiate. Avoid dropping boxes and supplies at the exit point, which creates a tripping hazard. For people taking a break, avoid congregating near the exits. Keeping paths clear can prevent trips, falls, and stumbles that could lead to injury.

Pro Movers Can Lighten Your Load

Moving can be a lot of work, requiring plenty of heavy lifting. For any move, large or small, let the professionals help. Contact us today for a moving quote to help make light work of a big move.