Christmas has passed and you’ve gifted your children some of the coolest toys out right now. You’re making plans to move into your new home, but you’ve realized that their toys are started to take over your home. What should you do? Decluttering doesn’t only happen in the spring time! Try playing the “Declutter Game” with your kids.  Turning this process into a game instead of a task will make it more enjoyable for you and your kids.

Start with one section of the room at a time. We suggest starting with the highest areas and working your way to areas closest to the floor. That way as time goes on and fatigue starts to set in you can relax on the floor and continue to sort. Have your child grab each item and let them determine if they want to keep, donate, or throw away it away. The key to this game being successful is to not let them put the item down until they’ve made a decision. They must decide now in order to win a price at the end of the day. Once they decide what they want to do with the item they will place it in the correct pile.

They were able to cut down there toys and make room for their new toys! Now it’s time to organize. Organizing the room doesn’t have to break the bank. You can use existing organizing units and buy more if necessary. Your local dollar stores should have all types of buckets that can be used to store toys. We recommend getting colorful bins to liven up the room and to make explaining where items go a bit easier. Set up a system that makes sense to both you and your kids. If they understand the system they will be more likely to put their toys away in the appropriate spot. Also, having the toys already in buckets can make moving them a breeze!

Phew! After a long day everything has been sorted through and put in their proper place now it’s time to celebrate!  Cleaning and organizing can be tough on both the parents and the kid. Take them out to get some ice cream or to their favorite play place. While they play and have fun you can take some time to relax after a hard day’s work! To make the “Declutter game” a life style change try making it a semiannual event that the whole family partakes in.


For more tips on ways to declutter before a move please click the link below.