1. What is Mail Forwarding USPS

Mail Forwarding USPS is a service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that allows customers to have their mail sent to an alternate address. This can be used for individuals who are moving or those who do not have a permanent address.


2. How Does USPS Mail Forwarding Work?

The US Postal Service’s mail forwarding service utilizes a nationwide address database which allows them to detect when you have moved and redirect your lost letters or parcels to your new residence. How it works is that they generate a barcode containing the information of your new location, allowing them to easily forward any packages or correspondence intended for you at no additional cost. In short, this system will ensure none of your mail goes missing due to an old address!

Mail Forwarding is an efficient, cost-effective way to keep up with your mail when you change residence. Through the USPS service, letters and packages will be forwarded piece by piece directly to you on request. Additionally, certain items such as Priority Mail, Periodicals, and First Class are eligible for free forwarding services – all at a fraction of the cost!

3. How to Set Up Mail Forwarding with USPS

Apply online

Here are the steps to apply online for mail forwarding with the USPS:

  • Go to the USPS website and complete the change of address form
  • To ensure a successful change of address, please take the time to fill out all relevant information including your name, current residence, and updated contact details
  • Decide if you are altering your address on a permanent or temporary basis
  • Keep an eye out for a confirmation code from USPS in your email inbox
  • Mail will be sent to your new address

Visit your local post office

  • A few days prior to your move, be sure to stop by the post office
  • Complete a USPS Change of Address form to get started
  • After five business days, you will receive a confirmation letter at your new address

4. Cost of Using USPS Mail Forwarding

USPS offers free forwarding of your First-Class Mail® when you fill out a COA form. But, if you prefer to submit the form online, there is an additional charge of $1.05 for verification purposes.

5. Frequently Asked Questions About USPS Mail Forwarding

Q: Can I be certain that all my mail will get forwarded to me?

A: Yes. USPS Mail Forwarding is a reliable service that ensures all your mail is sent in a timely manner and arrives safely at its destination.


Q: How long does USPS forward mail?

A: USPS will forward your mail for up to 12 months at no additional cost.


Q: What happens if I don’t update my address?

A: You risk missing important letters or packages as the USPS won’t be able to redirect them to your new location. So, it is essential that you update your address with USPS Mail Forwarding.


Q: What happens if I don’t submit a USPS mail forwarding request?

A: Without submitting a USPS Mail Forwarding request, your mail will likely be sent to the old address and can potentially get lost. To ensure all of your mail reaches you in a timely manner, it is essential that you submit a USPS Mail Forwarding request before moving.


USPS Mail Forwarding is a great service that helps to ensure you don’t miss out on important correspondence. With USPS, all your mail will be securely forwarded to where you are – whether you’re moving home or just wishing to change address temporarily. Apply online today and experience the convenience of this reliable service!