Woman sitting at a desk with fingers on her temples looking stressed.Moving is challenging and stressful. You have many tasks to complete in a short time. Also, moving brings many emotions, such as happiness, excitement, and sadness, all at once. Here are some ways to deal with pre-move stress.

Be Positive

Concentrate on the positive reasons for your household move, such as meeting new people or living in your dream home. Tell yourself that the stress of the relocation is temporary, while the joys of your new home will be long-term. Finally, adopt a can-do attitude throughout the process.

Get Organized

Start the process as soon as possible by creating a moving timeline checklist. Break each significant task into small steps and check off each step as you complete it. Remember to include items such as:

  • Developing a budget and plan for paying for the move
  • Researching, interviewing, and hiring a professional mover
  • Gathering packing materials
  • Sorting and decluttering
  • Packing
  • Changing utilities and other services
  • Unpacking at your new home

Set Aside Essentials

Put essentials, such as critical documents, one place setting per family, one set of sheets and towels per family member or bed, a change of clothes, and the most used pots into a box. Label it as your essentials box. Load it on the truck last, or take it in your car to ensure you can find it right away in your new home.

Allow Time for Goodbyes

Plan some special time with friends and family members in your old neighborhood. Assure children and teens have the time they need with their friends. Consider giving friends something tangible as a way to remember you.

Also, consider setting a date to get together with them again. Children and teens especially find comfort in knowing a reunion is upcoming.

Reduce Children’s Anxiety

Sometimes children are considerably insecure about a move and may start acting out in the days leading up to it. Children may also show stress by claiming stomach aches or reverting to baby talk or bedwetting.

Reducing your child’s anxiety will help reduce your stress. Key ways to help your children feel less anxious include:

  • Introducing them to their new home by taking them on walkthroughs and tours of the new neighborhood before the move
  • Showing them extra attention
  • Keeping to familiar routines during and after the move
  • Allowing them to bring comfort items with them

Take Time for Self Care

Moving is time-consuming, and you may be tempted to work at it during every available hour. However, taking time for yourself is critical. Take a break for a walk or other activity each day. Also, take a more extended break to participate in an activity you enjoy, such as a movie, sports, yoga, or a hot bath.

Get Help

You don’t have to do everything yourself during a move. Consider inviting friends over for a packing party. The party can be an excellent opportunity to bond with them before the move. After a couple of hours of packing, order pizza and spend quality time with them.

Additionally, ask your expert moving company for a quote on packing your belongings. If you do not have to pack yourself, it can take a lot of stress off. Contact us today for a free quote.