House in a lovely neighborhood. Moving away from home can be an emotional time, especially if you love where you live. Saying a proper goodbye to the home and neighborhood where you have spent so much time can help you feel ready for the next step in your life. Below are five things you can do to say goodbye to your neighborhood when making a residential move.

1. Hold a Party

Hosting a going away party is a way to get together with neighbors that you love. One of your neighbors may hold the party for you, but if you’re holding it for yourself, make the party planning easy by purchasing food from a restaurant (or requesting that guests bring potluck dishes). Use disposable cutlery and plates to cut back on clean up and mess. You may be packing up your home to leave, so plan to hold your party outdoors if possible.

Include everyone you’d like to say goodbye to on your guest list. Holding this kind of party is a way to ensure that you’ll have an opportunity to say personal goodbyes to people you don’t often see.

2. Share Contact Information With Neighbors

Don’t let yourself lose touch with the people you love. Share your contact information with the people at your going away party so your neighbors and friends from the area will know how to contact you when they want to. Follow each other on social media.

There are many creative ways to share your new contact information. For example, you can pass out cards with your information at your going away party or send your contact information to a group chat. Find a way that is efficient and effective to get the word out.

3. Take Pictures and Videos to Remember

While you’re having your going-away party, and at other times, take pictures and videos to help you remember the people and places that you love. Take a video of your neighborhood. Get photos of yourself with your friends and neighbors.

When you’re in your new home, you can always make a collage of the pictures to reflect on your time with your neighbors and remember how much you enjoyed being with them.

4. Make Plans to Stay In Touch

Make plans for sometime in the future to see your neighbors again. Set up a day to invite them to your new home for dinner, or plan a date to come back to the old neighborhood to see everyone.

Even just going out to dinner at a restaurant with the people you’re closest to could help you stay in touch and feel close to them once you’ve left. Get something on your calendar so you’ll have this time to look forward to once you’re in your new home.

5. Take Walks

Take walks around your neighborhood to remember your favorite places and enjoy your space again. Taking walks while packing your house and planning a relocation is an excellent way to relax and de-stress, so plan to do this daily.

Focus on What Matters: Find the Right Movers

Moving can be emotional, and you may have much to ponder as you pack up to leave. Hiring movers to help with your relocation can give you more time to focus on what really matters, like saying goodbye. Contact us today to get started with your upcoming relocation.