The demand for moving services is higher between April and September. More than 75% of all residential moves happen during this time. 

This period is referred to as the peak moving season, and there are several good reasons why many people prefer to move during this time of the year.



Better Weather Conditions

The level of comfort during the relocation process is higher in the late spring and summer months. Favorable weather conditions ensure the

safety and efficiency of the loading, unloading, and driving, and eliminate the risk of accidents that can happen more often due to icy roads,

or poor visibility in the wintertime. 


Seasonal Work Opportunities 

Many people get summer jobs in different towns and states and need to relocate closer to their places of employment. Furthermore, many

businesses (as well as the military) relocate their staff during the summer months when commercial activity often slows.


Better Real Estate Market

According to statistics, there are more properties available for sale in the spring than in the fall, giving buyers more options when looking for a

new home.


End of the School Year 

As the school year ends, and the summer break begins, this time gives an excellent opportunity to move to a new city, find a new school, and

prepare for the following school year.

Moving for College

The academic year starts in late August, so if there is a good time for students to move, it is during the summer months. 

Wedding Season

Because most weddings happen during the spring and summer, the newlyweds would need to move to their new family nest during the peak season.

Garage and Yard Sales 

The spring and summer are a good time to organize a garage sale to declutter before moving. It is much easier to have moving sales when the weather is nice. 

There are many advantages to moving during the high season, and it is possible to have a stress-free relocation during this time. However, the key is to plan ahead of time. Creating a moving timeline and

carefully planning the budget, and finding a trusted moving company to handle your peak season relocation are some of the first steps in preparation for the successful move.