According to the Employee Relocation Council, moving is the third most stressful life event (following death and divorce.) Moving interferes with one’s normal routine and can generate feelings of uncertainty as one enters unfamiliar waters. We at Sorensen Mayflower want to make your move as pleasant as possible. In addition to doing all that we can to make your move go smoothly, we would like to share some steps that you can take to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Before you Move
Be Prepared: Planning and organizing ahead of time will make your move go more smoothly. Keep all of the documents pertaining to your move in one easily accessible location. A folder, notebook, or daily planner are great places to store important phone numbers and documents. In addition to all of your moving information, referrals for new doctors, maps of the town to which you will be moving, and contact information for old friends are also items that you could keep in your organizer.
Make a List: Keep a list of all of the important tasks that you need to complete before you move. For example, make a list of the appointments that you need to schedule before your move out date. This could include turning off your electricity, water, gas, and cable in your old home and turning it on in your new home. When you get overwhelmed, you can consult your list and start checking it off!
Label:Label each moving box with the name of the room to which it belongs. You can write directly on the box, or if it is easier, print out large computer labels and stick them to the box.
Inform Postal Service: Inform the postal service of your move six to eight weeks ahead of time. This way, you will be sure to receive your mail at your new address. The form can be found at
We hope you find these tips for relieving stress prior to your move helpful. Stay tuned for  next week’s blog, as we will be giving more tips on how to relieve stress on moving day!