Growing up, we never put much thought into where our parents will be once we are adults.  Our parents take care of our needs when we are young, and for some, even when we are grown.  As time goes by, the tables begin to turn, and before we know it, we are caring for our parents just as they did for us.
For most adults, with elderly parents, there comes a time when you will have to make the decision of how to best care for them.  When mom starts a kitchen fire while boiling water, or dad falls asleep with a cigarette in his mouth, it’s time to start making those plans.
There are several options when it comes to your elderly parent’s living arrangements.  You can narrow down your options by factors such as finances and comfortability of all involved.  You certainly don’t want to move your parents into your (2) bedroom condo if someone will be put out of a bedroom and onto the couch.  The same goes for putting them into a fancy high priced living facility if neither you or your parents can afford it.
Bringing up new living arrangements to your parents can be very difficult.  It’s likely that they are going to have a hard time facing the fact that it’s no longer possible for them to live alone.  When discussing the subject, make sure that you present all possible options to your parent(s) and allow them to help make the choice of where they will spend the rest of their lives.
Whether you decide to have your parent(s) move into your home, into an assisted living facility or a nursing home, be there with them throughout the entire move.  Your parent(s) will more than likely need to scale down on the items that they own.  Help them to decide what to do with certain items; can they go to family members? are they sellable? and don’t forget about charitable organizations.
Whatever choice you and your parent(s) make, please remember that we are just a phone call away and can certainly help make moving your parents a less stressfull experience on you, your parent(s) and your entire family. 
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