How to Choose a Good Mover in 6 Easy Steps

Ever go through a bad moving experience? A quick online search and you’ll find that you’re not alone. There are many tales of movers who provided reasonable estimates only to hold the customers’ possessions hostage following the move — demanding thousands more to get their belongings back.

While that example may err on the extreme end of the spectrum, there are plenty of reasons to put the effort into choosing a professional mover you can feel good about. After all, you want to know you can trust your mover to get your belongings from safely from point A to point B. The following are some guidelines you can follow to ensure you choose a reliable, trustworthy mover for your next move.

1. Ask for recommendations. Ask friends and coworkers if they’ve used movers in the past that they recommend. You can also go online to message boards, websites like Reddit, and social media sites like Facebook to ask for recommendations from people in your area.

2. Perform an initial screening. Once you have an initial list, do a quick background check to make sure the moving companies you’re considering don’t have customer complaints. A Google search of a company name can be very helpful when determining a moving company’s legitimacy.

3. Check their history and experience. Pay attention to the company history. Is the moving company local with a strong presence in the community? Details like that tend to showcase a willingness to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. You should also take note of how long the company has been in business. A moving company that’s been in business for many years, while valuing its role in the community is going to take care of you and your things — aiming to provide a positive moving experience you’ll want to tell your friends and coworkers about.

4. Get in-home estimates. Get at least three in-home estimates and compare the bids. Reputable moving companies should free in-home estimates with no obligation to purchase services. Be wary of an unusually low estimate as it could reflect a lower quality service, or they could try charging you more after the move.

5. Don’t make large payments up front. If you pay in advance, you have no control over when you’ll see your stuff again. If a mover asks for a large deposit up front or requires cash payments, choose a different mover. The payment should always be made upon delivery, and preferably with a credit card to protect against fraudulent activity.

6. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. When it comes to finding affordable movers, you may be tempted to browse sites like Craigslist seeking a good deal. While there are plenty of honest people posting their services on Craigslist, there are also scam artists looking to take advantage of vulnerable customers. The problem? It can be hard to tell the difference, and because Craigslist allows for anonymity, if a rogue mover were to offer you a great deal only to disappear with your money or possessions, it would be hard to track them down.

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