Hearing the word “downsize” tends to evoke a number of feelings within people (and “joy” probably isn’t one of them.) For those who find themselves moving into a smaller space, downsizing can feel emotionally and physically overwhelming. The good news is, careful planning and a bit of perspective can make downsizing easier.

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The following are three steps to help streamline the downsizing process:

  1. Take inventory. When you’re moving into a smaller space, it’s important to determine what you truly need. Go through your current space and assess your belongings room-by-room (or, if you prefer the Marie Kondo method, category-by-category). Now is the perfect time to tackle the low-hanging fruit by getting rid of the clutter, such as useless knickknacks, accumulated junk and unnecessary items that you either no longer use (we’re looking at you, old golf clubs) or that are simply taking up too much space. If you would like to keep bulkier items but can’t find an appropriate place for them in your new living space, consider rental storage.
  2. Keep, sell, toss or donate. As you go through your space, group items into categories (e.g. keep, sell, toss or donate). While it can be tempting to hold onto items that may have meant something to you at some point or that you once loved but no longer use, it can be helpful to use the one-year rule. In other words, if you haven’t used a particular item in the last year, you’re unlikely to use it in the next year. And if you’re unlikely to use something in the next year, then you’re unlikely to use it at all.
  3. Get creative with your new space. Finding a purpose and strategy for every inch of your new place is vital to successfully downsizing your home. Consider space-saving hacks, such as buying furniture with built-in storage, hanging items when possible and utilizing organizational methods to maximize every square inch of real estate.

While downsizing is a challenge, it can be tackled with a bit of strategy and ingenuity. And if all else fails, you can simply place your items in storage until you know what will work for you. In fact, Sorensen Moving & Storage not only offers reliable, affordable moving services, but also offers convenient storage options.

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