At the start of each holiday season, Florida Today begins their Reaching out Holiday Fundraiser.  This fundraiser allows residents of Brevard County to donate monetary contributions in order to allow families in need to provide a special Christmas to their children.
Florida Today gathers donations, the money is sent directly to toy manufacturers and in turn the manufacturers ship toys and books directly to Florida Today.
Each year, Sorensen Allied works hand in hand with Florida Today in order to sort and distribute the toys to four separate locations within Brevard county.
Beginning Wednesday, December 14th, the distribution process will begin.  It starts with Sorensen drivers picking up the toys from Florida Today and bringing them directly to the Sorensen warehouse.  From here, employees of Sorensen Allied Moving and Storage and Florida Today will begin sorting the toys for each distribution center.
On Saturday, December 17th, the toys will be shipped to each distribution center by Sorensen Allied drivers. 
The distribution centers will then distribute the toys to each family who has signed up for the program.
Sorensen Allied Moving and Storage has been a part of this program for many years and will continue for many years to come.