Last Friday, June 6, 2014, Sorensen Moving & Storage had the opportunity to host a reception for Governor Rick Scott during his visit to Brevard County. Upon his arrival, he met with CEO Scott Sorensen, and the two had the chance to chat about the history of Sorensen Moving & Storage as well as the local economy. Afterwards, Mr. Sorensen introduced Governor Scott to the approximately 150 businesspeople, supporters, and local dignitaries who were in attendance.

Governor Scott spoke on the importance of small businesses to Florida’s economy. He also discussed his plan to try to create more jobs for Floridians by making Florida an attractive climate for businesses to come to and open. After Scott finished speaking, several local dignitaries spoke, including Mayor Kathy Meehan, who gave Governor Scott a key to the city. Following these speakers, Governor Scott stayed and shook hands with those that were in attendance.
The Governor’s reception was a great event. We enjoyed showing Governor Scott our facilities, listening to him speak about his commitment to the growth of small businesses, and having the chance to meet him personally. We were so honored to be selected as one of the Governor’s stops during his visit to Brevard County!