Whether you are moving yourself or you have hired a professional mover, you will want to make sure that you use a parts box for your move.  A parts box will keep all of the smaller items in one place and will ensure that hardware, cables, wires, and remotes are easily accessible at your destination.
If your mover is disassembling furniture or any of your belongings, request that they use a part box if you notice that they have not set aside a box specifically for parts.   A small book box will work just fine at keeping all of the small parts and pieces in one place.
Missing hardware or parts can be difficult to find among the vast amount of boxes in your new home.  Do you really want to unpack every single box in order to find your TV remote?  Hardware and parts can also be difficult and expensive to replace. 
What’s more annoying than not being able to find that one bolt that ensures your TV console is safely assembled?  Also knowing that you’re likely not going to find the missing piece of the console until you unpack your very last box.  What about that TV remote?  After a big move, all we really want to do is relax.
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