Moving is a period of transition. Whether it requires you to travel across the country or across town, you are essentially uprooting your current life in exchange for another. 

With that comes varying emotions and stresses. You could be excited about your next journey in life or overwhelmed. Maybe even a little bit of both. Either way, you are leaving your home in hopes of settling into someplace new. 

And as your movers, it is our goal to have your new place feel as much like a home like the one you are leaving behind. It may take time to become comfortable and fully adjusted; however, we share some tips and ideas to bring about those homey feelings sooner rather than later.

mover-packing-tv-screen1. Pack An Essentials Box 

Before moving, gather a few of your favorite items that bring you comfort, warmth, and happiness. Compile those items into a box ready to be unpacked just after you move. Among these items can be relaxing soaps, blankets, candles, gadgets, or other personal belongings. 

The idea is to keep the items you cherish most close by to establish contentment and familiarity within your new place. After all, a home is not always the memories shared within its four walls. Sometimes it can be the belongings that bring those memories to life.

2. Unpack Right Away

Instead of selecting a few items to immediately unpack, unload all your belongings to fill the house with everything that makes it home quickly.

This can be an immense process. Therefore, we recommend unpacking each box in an organized manner. 

Prioritize boxes based on the room. For example, it may be best to open boxes containing items for the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Then, one by one, open each, cherishing the belongings (and any moments that come with them) while dedicating special places (e.g. shelves, cabinets, drawers, etc.) that they may best fit.

You may not get to all of your items right away, but in a matter of days, your new place is sure to feel more like home. 

3. Enjoy a Home-Cooked Meal 

Break bread in your new place, literally. Moving can be time-consuming and a huge undertaking. We encourage you to go about it step-by-step, taking relaxing breaks in between. 

Something like enjoying a home-cooked meal eases stress. And, a good meal fills your belly along with your heart. Not only that, the aroma will warmly fill every room with a greater sense (and scent) of home. 

4. Equip the New Place With Home-Like Amenities

Eventually, these are steps every mover must make. However, doing so prior to moving in will allow you to jump back into your routine, restoring day-to-day customs that regularly occur within the home. 

Taking initiatives like transferring utilities, installing Internet and cable, or even completing minor renovations (repainting the walls, changing out fixtures, etc.) are great ways to bring elements of you and the ability to complete all the things you like to do in your new place. 

This requires time and patience — much like your new transition. However, trusting our team with your move gives you the freedom to take on additional tasks to better make a home out of your new place.

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