change your mailing address after you move

It’s finally done. You’ve unpacked the last, hastily duct taped cardboard box with a sigh of relief, deflating upon your couch like an unknotted party balloon. We hate to say it, but your move is not quite complete once you’ve re-racked your favorite summer novels and found that last pair of shoes that you swear you packed last week.

The moments after you successfully move into your new home are actually an overlooked but deeply important time to make sure you cross the last t’s and dot the final i’s before finally kicking back and enjoying your new home.

Key Moving Tips for Your Post-Move Checklist

  • First things first: Though it’s tempting to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” some things just shouldn’t wait. This includes the likes of changing the locks and all security sensitive devices, such as alarm and garage codes. You should also immediately set up Internet services, as in this day and age, it’s difficult to impossible to get much done at home without access to the Web. Make sure to update your driver’s license and license plates, if necessary.  
  • In case of an emergency: Do your due diligence to ensure the safety of yourself and your family by changing smoke detector batteries, writing down important emergency phone numbers, finding a doctor and dentist that accepts your insurance (and is currently accepting new patients), and locating the closest hospital and veterinarian if you have a pet.
  • Changes: Ensure that you have changed your mailing address and phone number (if it has changed) for services such as cell phone bills, insurances, doctors and dentists, financial and legal documentation, bank statements and any other mail items that you will want to go uninterrupted.

Though it may seem like everyone has their own list of moving tips for the process of packing up your life, it’s important to remember the important steps that must be taken once you’ve landed at the new place that you will call “home.” As tempting as it may be to put off these final moving tasks, get them over with to ensure that your big move is an even bigger success.

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