November Month in Review

It’s the middle of December, which means families all around the world are planning their holidays and buying gifts for their loved ones. While this month may be quite a busy one, it’s surprising how often we forget about the hustle and bustle of months previous. As such, here’s a recap of November’s big moves and projects.

Art Installation, Wolfgang Puck, Disney Springs

We assisted the staff of Wolfgang Puck at Disney Springs in an installation of artwork and photography pieces for their restaurant. The planning process was crucial–precise measurements were    necessary to ensure that all of the art pieces would fit properly.

As you can see, technology like these laser guides was implemented to further assist the crew in accurately placing the frames. Of course, it’s also important to have a steady hand when placing any frames or artwork on a wall. Our fantastic crew works diligently to assure that any equipment and inventory being moved is always handled with the utmost care and delicacy. Great job team!

Thanksgiving Potluck, Sorensen Moving & Storage, Orlando

The December holidays aren’t the only time for dinner plans and cooking for the whole family. As we all know, Thanksgiving is just as busy of a time; the cooking, the cleaning, the planning, and the hopping from house to house to visit family and friends. It takes plenty of coordination and teamwork, which is why our company Thanksgiving Potluck was such a fun success.


Huge thanks to all of our fantastic staff and crew members for bringing such delicious food and desserts. We had everything from Chicken and Mac & Cheese, to meatballs and monkey bread; cakes and pies, to rice and beans, and everything in between.


While the food was exceptional, it’s important that we also stop to give thanks to our dedicated team here at Sorensen for their hard work and diligence, as well as our fantastic customers, both new and old. We hope you and your loved ones had a great Thanksgiving.


Moving a Plane, Family Sunday Funday, United Way of Brevard

Strength, precision, teamwork, and dedication; these are vital aspects that our crew displays and personifies with each move they embark on. And while our team has worked with a wide array of customers, ranging from residents moving out of apartments and houses, to big office moves and assisting UCF’s athletic teams with their equipment from game to game, it’s quite a feat to be able to move an actual plane.

Yet here we see our crew doing just that! This was for Family Sunday Funday at Melbourne-Orlando International Airport, which had tons of great activities ranging from plane pulls to food trucks, as well as music and more. We look forward to assisting our dedicated and inspired community with more events like this in the very near future.

Gifts from the Heart Christmas Shop, Melbourne

Being able to assist our customers with moving their inventory and precious memorabilia has always been our focus. We pride ourselves providing exceptional service to our customers. As such, we were quite fortunate enough to be able to assist the dedicated team behind Gifts from the Heart Christmas Shop in Melbourne.

Being able to help out such a great cause was both an honor and a privilege. All of the nonprofit organizations partnered with Gifts from the Heart have done so much good for the people of Florida, and to be a part of their efforts in giving back to the community and providing gifts to those in need is inspiring. Big thanks to Gifts from the Heart for everything they do, and we look forward to assisting them again in the future.


November was quite the busy month, and December looks to be just as hectic, if not more so. That being said, we can’t wait for all the fantastic events happening this month, including Christmas parties, New Years, and more. So from our whole team at Sorensen, thank you for your continued support.