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For my final discussion on packing tips, I am including a few pointers on how to pack breakable items. I don’t know about you, but for me, it is anxiety-provoking to think about my most precious items (china, silver, pictures, etc.) loaded into a box and onto a truck to be shipped across town, or in our case, across the country. For this reason, many customers (myself included) leave it to the moving professionals to pack their breakables. However, if you are feeling ambitious and opt to pack the breakables yourself, here are a few tips for you:
-Wrap all pieces of china and glassware individually in clean paper. Using several sheets of paper, start from the corner and wrap diagonally, continuously tucking in overlapping edges. A double layer of newspaper serves well as an outer wrapping.
-Place wrapped china vertically in a Dishpack box (which you can obtain from Sorensen Mayflower.) Use the insert included in the box to secure the china.
-Larger china, glass plates, and other flat pieces are excellent as the lowest layer in the Dishpack box. Be sure to place them on the edge, with the eating side facing the outside of the box. This procedure absorbs shock better than when dishes are placed flat.
-Place a partitioned separator over the packed dishes for wrapped stemware and cups. The last tier on top should be cushioned with a generous amount of paper. Label box, “FRAGILE-THIS SIDE UP.”
Nest silver together and wrap in clean paper. Cushion the nested packs in the silver chest. Wrap the chest in unprinted newsprint.
Cushion statuary and figurines with bubble wrap or clean paper. When using paper, roll or wrap the item, and then reverse wrap until the article is adequately cushioned.

Wrap the picture or mirror in a generous cushion of unprinted newsprint, and place in a flattened packing or telescoping box. Carefully tape or seal the box, and label the box “FRAGILE.” Always stand glass, pictures, and mirrors on their edge. Don’t lay flat. 

I hope that you all enjoyed reading these tips for packing. I got all of my information from Mayflower’s packing guide, which you can obtain from a Sorensen representative upon setting up your move.
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