There are many benefits of hiring a professional mover.  Hiring a reputable mover with trained professionals will ensure that your goods are properly packed, handled, and moved. 

A reputable mover will most likely request that an estimator or relocation specialist visit your home in order to complete a survey of your household goods.  Not only will this allow for an accurate price to be determined, the estimator can also identify items that need special attention, such as crating.
The same box used to pack your linens or cookware isn’t going to cut it when packing oil paintings or certain glass pieces.  Crating is recommended for fragile, expensive, and even priceless items.   
It may seem more cost effective to wrap a glass table top and place it in a cardboard box, but one bump in the road could cause damage to this special piece.  A wood crate allows for extra security.  In the long run, your expensive or priceless item will make it to your new home in one piece by choosing to use crating services.
In some instances, you may not have a choice when it comes to crating.  A driver can decline to take certain items on his truck if they are not properly secured.  A very large, thick piece of glass, such as a dining room table, will likely be damaged if not properly secured.  Your driver will not want to take the risk of an unnecessary claim due to improper packaging.
Your estimator or relocation specialist will be able to determine which items will need to be crated.  Your items are likely very important to you, please take their advice and spend the extra money to ensure the safety of your valuable items.
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