Did you know that 17% of children in our nation rely on a free and reduced-price lunch
program in order to eat each day? Unfortunately, this is not only a problem on the national level,
but also right here in our community. In fact, 50% of children in Brevard County participate in
the school lunch program to keep from going hungry, which is well above the national average.
Although this lunch program is a great start, it doesn’t completely eliminate child hunger in our
area. For instance, what are children who rely on this program to do over the weekend when they
do not attend school? Fortunately, there is a program here in Brevard County called The
Children’s Hunger Project, which provides hungry youths in the Space Coast with weekend food
backpacks so that they do not have to experience hunger and malnutrition on days that they are
not in school.

On Saturday, February 8, 2014, the Children’s Hunger Project will conduct the World’s
Largest Food Packing Event at the Clemente Center on the campus of FIT. Sorensen Moving and
Storage is honored to sponsor the event. In addition to our sponsorship, we will have members of
our team there to help sort through the collected food. Once the food has been collected, we will
also help to transport the food from the Clemente Center to the Children’s Hunger Project
storage facility. We are very excited to participate in this event, and hope that you will join us in
supporting this cause. For more information, please visit the Children’s Hunger Project website
at https://ift.tt/1isvXJH.