As discussed in our last post (Summer Time Moving with Children), May through August are considered to be the busy months of moving. Children are out of school, there’s a smaller chance of hitting holiday traffic on the roads and, if you’re moving for work, bosses can be a little more lenient with time taken off. But summer time also has a major disadvantage – no matter where you’re moving to, you’ll most likely be doing it in 80+  degree weather. Stay cool (mentally and physically) while moving this summer with these simple tips!

  • Repack your cooler: Packing up food and drinks for the road when moving is always a good idea. After you check-in at your new place but before you start the unpacking process, you should try to make it to the store to restock on snacks, quick meal supplies, and lots of water. Being prepared to avoid crankiness will help everyone involved. Don’t forget disposable dishware if you need it!
  • Set up a rest area: Unpack a fan or two, some towels, a trash bag, and a couple of chairs, and put them in a corner with the cooler you packed. Having a designated spot for your helpers to take a break will help keep them out of the way, and act as a recharging station for morale.
  • Take frequent breaks while packing/unpacking: Set a timer and call a time-out every couple hours. Not only will this help you and your family maintain cool heads, but it’ll help keep you hydrated and break up the stress. Bonus break: take a drive to the closest store for ice cream or a quick restaurant for lunch.
  • Schedule friends to help ahead of time: If you already have connections in the new town you’re moving to, or if you want to ask a buddy to help you move, ask for their help ahead of time. Giving them plenty of notice with allow them to prepare for helping you move or to help you pack up. Maybe they’ll recruit their friends to quicken the process and also introduce you to new people!
  • Balance your unpacking: With the exception of setting up what you need immediately in the bathrooms and bedrooms, tackle your most important boxes for each room first, adding to your rooms a little each day. It can be exciting and you may feel the rush to get situated quickly, but remind yourself to slow it down, or you’ll get burnt out and be frustrated at the end of the day that you’ve unpacked knickknacks but not comfortable necessities.

These tips may seem like trivial no-brainers, but moving in the heat of summer can be a doozy. With heat stroke and exhaustion more likely to happen, please be prepared, and stay cool and safe while you’re exerting yourself during these hotter days.

Your friends at Sorensen Moving & Storage!