It’s February; time to check your progress on that New Year’s resolution. Have you forgotten about it? If you vowed to move somewhere new or change careers this year, the following data is for you!

Based on last winter’s report by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the following 3 Cities have been identified as the fastest growing cities in the U.S. – showing the greatest growth over the last 5 years. This means these cities are your best bet for easier job and house hunting!

1. San Jose, CA (43.6% growth)
It’s not much of a surprise that a lot of growth is coming out of the Silicon Valley, where STEM-focused business’ thrive. San Jose also holds the 2nd spot for Most Open Jobs Per Capita, at 69 job postings per 1,000 residents.*

2. Austin, TX (37.1% growth)
Austin was put on the map after the dot com boom in the late 90’s lead to a rapid increase of business in the technology and defense industry sectors….and it’s still growing! Hard to think twice about a city that boasts prestigious universities, a vibrant music and film culture, and is also home to numerous Fortune 500 companies like Dell.

3. Nashville, TN (34.1% growth)
As headquarters to large companies and manufacturers like Nissan and Bridgestone, Nashville acts as a hub for tons of White Collar and “Middle Skill” jobs (higher level, more technical, and higher paying Blue Collar jobs). The home of the Country Music Hall of Fame is 5th on the list of Most Open Jobs Per Capita, at 46 job openings per 1000 residents.*

The beginning of the year is best time to evaluate your personal goals again, and start taking bigger steps to achieve them. The team at Sorensen believes you can reach those goals! When you’re finally ready to make that change remember that we’re here to assist you, whether it’s a personal or job-related relocation.


**Growth is measured by the percentage change in Gross Regional Product between 2010 and 2015.