So you’ve decided to go with a mover, (your joints and friends are thanking you already) but you’re still overwhelmed and nervous about what to expect on moving day. We’ve got some ideas on how to keep stress at bay, and how to get the most out of your moving professionals on both moving days.

Have Everything Ready
If you hired professional packers, be sure those boxes are easily accessible so the movers don’t waste any time getting it out of the house. Almost all of your belongings should be packed up by now, even most of your essentials boxes. Your home should be cleaned up, (unless you are paying professionals to clean after you’ve moved out) and last minute items for you to pack should be contained in one area. On move in day, you should have completed your new home checklist, in preparation for greeting the movers and starting the unloading process.

expect-on-moving-dayBe Available
Keep extra stress away by devoting attention to one thing that day: moving. Be free and clear of any other obligations on both the move out and move in days, so that you can properly coordinate the move. Limited distractions and executive direction makes for a much smoother moving day, so one person should be in charge of coordinating the movers. If a mover has to hunt you down to ask where something needs to be placed, they will be wasting time, and in the long run it could cost you money (if the move is hourly). Limiting your obligations means less stress, and it will leave you more available to clearly communicate and assist movers with box/furniture placement. Which leads us to…

Know Your New Layout
The last thing a mover wants to hear when moving a heavy piece of furniture into your new home, is that you don’t know where it’s going. Be sure to know what room gets certain furniture, prior to the movers arriving to unload. Ideally you’ve already done some room planning already, during your preparation/packing of items.

Create a Break Station
Having drinks accessible to the movers will not only keep them well hydrated, but will also create a feeling of mutual respect. Positivity and lemonade go a long way in encouraging a team to work harder for you! Snacks aren’t a must, but it’s a nice option- especially if you have a larger home to move and the team will be there all day. This station should be out of the way of major entrance/exit areas – close to wherever you set up Command Central is likely a good spot!

Relinquish Control
The moving team never wants to be seen as rude or impolite, but it is best to keep suggestions and interruptions to a minimum, and let them work. Unless you see a serious issue, or wish to have something valuable packed a specific way, the moving process will run smoother if you can accept that they have their own way of doing things. Professional movers should always take care when packing your items….trust that they know what’s best, and let them do it efficiently.

Remember: Children and Moving Do Not Mix
If possible, make sure your children are out of the house on moving day. If that’s not possible, make sure your children (and animals!) are free and clear of major walkways/entry points. Moving days can be dangerous for the moving team and for them. The team is going to move items as quickly and efficiently as possible, while still maintaining safety, but when they are carrying heavy or bulky items it’s hard to see- including your children or the toy they might have just left in the walkway! Do your best to keep everyone safe by directing children away from the moving team, and contain animals so they don’t escape through open doors! Read more about moving with animals.


Wishing you the best and brightest times ahead!
The team at Sorensen