Cardboard Chair

Cardboard Chair

Whew, you’re finally unpacked. Now, what do you do with all the boxes? Recycle them? Flatten for future use? Both are useful not to mention better for the environment.  But before you opt for the earth-friendly alternative, have some fun!  There are a million crafty, resourceful ways to repurpose your moving boxes into functional storage, family fun, and even wall décor. Check our eight creative uses for your moving boxes.

1.  Stylish Storage Totes

Why pay out the nose for plastic bins? Transforming cardboard boxes into storage totes is prettier, and simpler than you think. Simply line the box with fabric, and use spray adhesive to hold it in place. Then use grommets to create holes for the carrying strap(s), which can be made from an old belt or cotton cord. Decorate the outside and voila!

2.  Cardboard Furniture
Quirky stool. Statement bookshelf. Wall caddy. Whether you’re short on furniture after the move, or suddenly crave a few accent pieces, cardboard can be configured just about any way you can imagine and layered for furniture-grade weight load and durability. Skeptical? Here are 21 pieces of furniture made from cardboard…most of which will probably surprise and inspire you.

3.  Furniture Sliders
All set in the furniture department? Protect the floor with cardboard furniture sliders. All you need is scissors and decorative duct tape, and you’re ready to roll (or slide!). While you’re at it, might as well protect the top of your furniture too by cranking out a few coasters.

4.  Plant Bins
Which would you rather spend money on plant bins or more plants? For those in favor of the latter, a cardboard box makes a wonderful plant container. Simply line it with a plastic bag, poke a few drainage holes, and then dress it up with paint, fabric, or embellishments of your choosing.

5.  Lovely Labels
Don’t just mark your stuff; give stuff your own special mark. Cardboard is a handy, highly personalized way to create everything from unique storage bin labels to homemade gift tags. All you need is a good pair of scissors, at least one writing utensil, and a hole puncher. The rest is 100 percent up to you!

6.  Wall Art
DIY wall art is all the rage these days, partly because it lends such a personal touch. But while blank canvases cost you some coins, cardboard box tops are nice and free. Just give them a coat of primer and white paint. Then go to town on them like you would a canvas. Or better yet, invite friends over for a painting party!

7.  Scratching Post
Moves can be stressful for animals, especially cats. Help satisfy Fluffy’s cat scratch fever (and save the furniture!) by making a scratching post or pad from corrugated cardboard boxes. Then paint to make pretty.

8.  Fun & Games
It’s a sled! It’s a race car! It’s two super fun ways to take cardboard and fly with it! Prefer a slower-paced approach? Keep your kids entertained for hours by turning your living room into a giant maze! Or better yet, give your children a stack of boxes and leave them to their own creative devices. Whether their imagination yields a fort, obstacle course, or toy robot, the fun will inspire itself.

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