With boxes packed and organized for the movers, it’s easy to forget what you will need immediate access to as soon as the boxes are unloaded in your new home.   Moving essentials such as toilet paper and a first aide kit can be easily forgotten.  Packing a small stack of moving essential boxes with all the necessities can make the overall experience of moving go smoother. A good tip to remember is that whatever you’re likely going to need first is what you pack last. 

With that in mind, here are a few things we think should make it into that moving essentials box pile, and definitely be the first into your new place.


1. Coffee Maker + Filters, Cups, and the Coffee.
These things often get packed up with kitchen wares, and have people saying, “I can’t believe we didn’t think about that.” Remember to set these things aside, because not only will you be running out to grab Starbucks for your moving team and drag things out during moving day (you will end up going multiple times), but it can also get expensive. Setting up a perk station soon after arriving will help keep everyone in a good mood-especially if there are snacks too!  To make it even easier, pack paper cups, sugar packs, paper plates with plastic utensils. If you’re a tea drinker, don’t forget the respective electric kettle and tea bags.

2. Toilet Paper in the Bathroom Box
TP is another item that definitely needs to go in the first box that comes off the truck. Everyone is going to need to use your new facilities, and having to run to the store for things you know you have somewhere will get frustrating. Put some bathroom supplies together: soap, towels, TP, and any other toiletries people might need. This also includes the shower items you might want to use after a long day of hauling!

 3. Child/Pet Items
Distract them with snacks and toys; Corral them if you can! Not to lump these animals together, but with all the mayhem it’s possible to forget that your dependents need some of their stuff immediately accessible. Having their favorite things on hand during both move-out and move-in day will not only help relieve some of their anxieties, it can keep them from being underfoot while people are moving heavy loads around. It would probably be best though, if someone trusted could watch them for a few days while you sort out the house.

4. Tools
It’s easy to think you might not need these things until later, but we recommend separating a small toolbox from any other garage goodies. You never know what will happen to have you looking for a screwdriver, or a hammer and nail. Blue edging tape for painting and a tape measure are also good to have easily accessible if you want to mark out space before stuff starts to pile up.

5. First Aid Kit
This one might seem like a no-brainer but it often gets forgotten. Ideally nobody would make use of the band-aids or break-and-shake ice packs you set aside, but bumps and bruises have been known to occur (cardboard cuts are the worst!). Better to be prepared, so you can keep chipping away at your to-do list.


Getting ready for a move is hard. It’s overwhelming enough to make you doubt your organizational skills, and it will make you question your level of actual attachment to certain belongings.
Sorensen Moving & Storage understands that the process of moving can make anyone’s head spin.

Let’s work together to make your move an easy one.