With any move we know you’ll have a lot on your mind, and certain things might not make it aboard the memory train. To keep you on track we’ve come up with a basic “don’t forget” moving checklist. Maybe it’ll help keep all your cars in a row.

Don’t forget to: dont-forget-moving-checklist

  • Purge and Donate Months Ahead
    In the months before your move it’s advised to start a deep clean of the house, getting rid of anything that you don’t love. As you start to divide items into what you can’t live without vs. what you don’t want to move, start a donation box. Any quality items you don’t need can go to Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, or local donation thrift stores. Some of your stress will be lightened by these good deeds and your community will be thankful for your donations. It’s also advised to repeat this process multiple times.
  • Notify the Neighbors
    Please, don’t forget to warn the neighbors. It would be considerate to notify next-door and even down-the-street neighbors about your impending move.  The number of cars or trucks that will be taking over the street shouldn’t be a surprise. Having friends help by directing traffic on moving day might also be appreciated, and who knows, maybe your neighbors will drop off some parting cookies too.
  • Bills and Important Records
    Get in touch with all services (utility, pharmacy, insurance, magazines, credit card company, etc.) a month before leaving your current residence. Notify them of the date you’ll be leaving, your address change, and if possible pay any bills you can in advance. It is also a good idea before you leave to take photos of all the meters (gas, water, electric) to avoid charges that shouldn’t be made.
    School, Health, Dental, and all personal records should start being organized early on in the moving process. Many people like to keep these valuable documents together locked in the car on moving day or with a trusted friend until there’s a place to put them. That box can even house other small valuables like jewelry, or anything else you really don’t want to misplace in your new pad.
  • Plan What to Do With the Unmovables
    Some things cannot be transported by licensed movers, so it’s important to review their checklist and see if you have anything that will have to be taken care of by yourself. Don’t forget or put it off until the day before. Developing a plan ahead of time on how to take care of those items will be an important step in your checklist.
  •  Schedule with Professionals in Advance
    Make calls well in advance to the locksmith, cleaning company, dog groomer, the person receiving your movers at the new house; who-ever you need to. Having solidified appointments is going to take some stress off you, and keep you progressing down the moving checklist.
  • Check Your Spare
    Don’t just collect your spare keys from hiding spots or friends; it’s also a good idea to check the spare tire in the car you’ll be driving. It’s easy to be worried about your stuff safely getting to it’s new home, and forget about how you will be! Schedule a tune up to make sure that your car will be ready, however long the drive. A preventative oil change or a tire rotation could be what gets you from A to B in one easy ride.
  • Hit the Liquor Store
    Although it might be nice to grab a 6-pack for a celebration or nostalgic night before moving, we’re talking about collecting their boxes to use for last minute packing (like those essential boxes we talked about!). Liquor boxes are great because they are larger, can carry a good amount of weight, and they already have hand holes. Plus they’re free and you can take as many boxes as you need, depending on how much you asked the movers to leave behind!

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