Even to the least sentimental of us, there’s something tough about leaving behind the familiar structure where cherished memories came to be. And while those memories are truly attached to the people around us, it’s a universal bittersweet feeling that we’ll always miss the places we’ve lived in.

saying-goodbye-old-houseTo alleviate some of the nostalgia while saying goodbye we recommend trying out one or more of the following:

  1. Leave a memento behind in the attic (like a letter), or carve your initials into the trunk of that backyard tree. Leave behind a map to non-existent treasure.
  1. On the flipside of that, take something from the house. Press flowers or leaves from the yard. Dig up your favorite garden plants to bring with you. Take the doorknob from your favorite room.
  1. Break a bad memories jar. That time the plumbing got backed up, the fridge burnt out, or the house got hit by lightning? Write in down and put it in! Burn the papers and smash the jar so you can start fresh in your new place.
  1. Have a last hoorah before you leave with friends and family. Take pictures, reminisce, and chase takeout with a few drinks. Toast to the old and the new.
  1. Charm your way to a friendship with the new owners, so you could see what they’ve done with the place months, or years, from now…unless you don’t want to know.
  1. Take a jar and jog around the house, then cap it. Your new place won’t have that smell. Bring a little familiarity to your new home and open the jar when you’ve unpacked. (Hey, it’s symbolic!)


When your belongings are on the truck, boxed away, and you’re doing that final walkthrough, saying goodbye can be a challenge. Hopefully some of these sweet ideas can help make your move a little less bitter.