Kevin White of Sorensen Moving and Storage is named Mayflowers Van Operator of the Year.


Sorensen Moving and Storage`s Kevin White is named Mayflower Van Operator of the Year for the entire east coast region in 2021. This special award recognizes outstanding performance, safety, and quality of service. While the official award ceremony will take place in St. Louis in 2022, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight Kevin`s incredible achievement in this article.

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Kevin has 25 years in the industry and has been with Sorensen Moving and Storage since October 2016. He quickly became an integral part of Sorensen`s team and demonstrated unparalleled skills and professionalism on the job times and times again. In the words of Kevin`s coworker, Randy Theel: “Kevin is a family man and a hard worker! He is one of us.” Kevin has three kids, and he is a happy grandfather as well.

Kevin`s love for his career translated into Mayfolwer`s Top Driver of the year, the award that started in the 1990s to recognize those who sacrifice so much every day by constantly being on the road and serving their communities.

Mayflower created a short documentary about Kevin and his experience in the industry. The video will become available early next year. In the meantime, it is important to note that, while there are more than 1,600 drivers in the Mayflower system, Kevin White is the only driver receiving this award in 2021 in the east coast region, which makes it even more special.

Kevin`s contribution is greatly appreciated by Sorensen`s leadership team and the entire Sorensen Moving and Storage family. With the Mayflower Van Operator of the year award, Kevin sets a high bar for all of our current and future drivers alike.



About the Author:

Jenya Pauquet de Villejust is a Marketing Manager for Sorensen Moving and Storage.