New Home ChecklistYou’ve arrived at your new location… Now what? For most of us, the urge to feel at home has us rushing to unpack so we can feel comfortable and settled in. Before you get to work unpacking everything though, here’s a list of To-Dos just after you’ve moved into your new house:

Initial Inspection– Look over the inventory sheet with the movers before they leave, check your moving boxes for damage, and do a walk through of your home. Make sure to replace door locks and check windows, change alarm batteries, and consider installing some gadgets for home security. It’s easiest to get this done first, so you can feel more at ease while settling your family into a new area.

Essentials First- Find the breaker box and main water valve, and plug in major appliances to get things going. If you bought appliances, try to have them installed/hooked up before you start filling in your home. Taking care of these things first lets you focus on the smaller stuff while you set up your new space, like unpacking your “essentials boxes,” cleaning supplies, and arranging the bathroom and bedroom.

Clean Clean Clean- If you don’t hire cleaning services to scrub the place before you start to unpack, locate the boxes with your supplies and give your new home a thorough cleaning. Wipe down surfaces and edges, vacuum everywhere (don’t forget ceiling corners!), rent a machine to shampoo or steam the carpets, replace the air filters, and run a short phantom load in washing machine and dishwasher. The house will get a little dirty again as you unpack, but a deep clean before you start (with intermittent quick clean-ups) can save you a lot of hassle, compared to waiting until after you’re settled in.

Find Your Store- Take frequent adventure breaks from cleaning and unpacking as you settle in. If you’re painting, hanging/attaching fixtures, or installing anything, you’ll need to locate the nearest hardware and grocery store, and maybe a few decent takeout places- because you shouldn’t attempt moving in and DIY projects on an empty stomach!


Wishing You the Best of Luck on Your New Adventure!

Sorensen Moving & Storage