securitygadgetsWith the steady increase in helpful home technology comes updated security features and streamlined Smart functions. Most of these gadgets are still steep in price, but the extra security could be well worth your family’s comfort. Whether you’re recently in a new location or settled into your forever home, consider installing one of these home security gadgets for a safer 2017:

Wifi Doorbells
These slim doorbell cameras/microphone devices let people see and talk to outdoor visitors via their phone, tablet, and desktop computer. Most doorbells come with night vision, offer lifetime protection against theft, and have an optional battery pack for power in case you can’t attach it to existing doorbell wires.

Door Security Bars
In the event you might be gone a while, door bars are great for adding extra physical security to your home. They are streamlined to work for both hinge and sliding doors by being adjustable to fit most door sizes, and they’re easy to use.

Teamwork Systems
If you’re not willing to put money down for an entire system by one company, most SmartHome systems offer a variety of gadgets that are compatible with others, and still feature alerts for energy management, physical sensory disturbance, and air quality fluctuations. This allows you to build a custom system that works for you, while still giving you all-around boosted home security.

All-Seeing Eyes
These HD camera pods have wide-angle lenses, night vision, and high quality microphones that offer motion-detected, real-time video that can be recorded to Cloud storage. They also send alerts via email and smartphone notification- and will automatically notify the police if you want it to.

Bluetooth-Enabled Deadbolt
You’ll never need to worry about losing (or even carrying) keys ever again if you install one of these. This style of SmartLock still offers a regular key and padlock component, but it unlocks itself via SmartKey technology when a bluetooth-synced device is within range- and only when you’re outside the house!