how_to_get_organizedIt’s easy to feel just as overwhelmed unpacking as when you did while packing up. Hopefully these 4 simple tips on how to get organized after a move can help you get a streamlined unpacking process started.

Ask for Help!
Are you going to clean carpets, chimneys and air systems, paint your home inside and out, watch your children, and find a new doctor, vet, dentist, and mechanic, all by yourself?! Reach out to friends and neighbors in your new area to help you get organized. See if they can offer help, or at least can recommendation trustworthy professionals to hire. If you can find it in your budget, it’s worth hiring some extra help to give your family, new home, and items the TLC they deserve after the a long haul of moving.

Unpack Efficiently
Shuffle your boxes around after unloading, and make sure they’re in their marked rooms. Unpacking the most lived in rooms first, like the kitchen and bedroom, will help you stay focused and organized. Discuss and plan out where in the room you’d like to see furniture, and place the largest/heaviest items first. Don’t let yourself get distracted by unpacking here and there- try to set up an entire room at a time, if possible.

Purge Again
You probably donated or sold a lot of items before you moved, but as you unpack, take some time to rethink about your belongings. You’re starting fresh with a new home, location, maybe a new job…declutter some more and feel good about donating to your new community and simplifying your life a little.

Clean Constantly
Unpacking brings about dust, tracked dirt, shredded tape, cardboard bits, and mounds of other packing materials. As you empty boxes, break them down and keep them organized out of the way in a designated spot, like the basement or patio. Same goes for the bubble wrap and brown paper. Vacuum and wipe surfaces after you finish each room, and again when your house is finished. Trust us, it’s worth the extra work!


Best Wishes for a Great Start in Your New Location,
Your Friends at Sorensen.