stay organized while moving

Moving is an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t need to be pull-your-hair-out stressful. Stay organized while moving with these 6 tips:

1. Give yourself time
Eliminate last minute rushing and additional stress by giving yourself adequate time to go through belongings, clean, prioritize and groups items to be packed, research your new town…in general just give yourself time to get all your affairs in order. There are a lot of small things to remember during the moving process, if you procrastinate then you’ll feel the countdown and possibly miss something important. Which leads us to…

2. Stage Command Central
It’s a common step in the moving process to designate one area where super important items can be found by everyone. This includes the organizational notebook you should have. This binder holds all moving-related papers, research, paint-swatches, receipts, bills to pay, phone numbers, a calendar with due dates….it’s the key reason behind having command central. This information should be kept in a central spot so everyone knows where it can be found- next to your keys, the dog’s leash, and take out menus.

3. (Floor)Plan Ahead
It’s a good idea to get a copy of your future floor-plan to consult while you purge and pack items. Measure large furniture so you know where/if you’ll want it. This will streamline move-in day because you can tell the movers exactly where you want something placed. Will your closet space be smaller in your new home? Will you have more kitchen cabinet space? Are you getting a bigger garage, meaning you can move-in more slowly? Thinking about the space you’re moving into and planning accordingly can help you pack more efficiently.

4. Prepare Thoroughly
Backup computers, charge batteries, organize cords, and pack up smaller equipment before you pack it into the big boxes. Stay on top of doing laundry, and clean the house well. Do some reading on how to adjust your family, and about the companies of services you will need in your new location. Don’t forget to call utility and internet companies at least 2 weeks before you’re scheduled to move in- reminders and dates for these calls should be in your command central planner!

5. Pack Essentials Last
Whatever you will use last in your old home, and first in your new home, gets packed into an Essential Boxes. It’s common to have a box with cleaning/bathroom supplies, a box with small hardware and tools, and a cooler of food and drinks. For personal items, it’s a good idea to pack up your luggage like you’re going on vacation. Pack what’s comfortable and live out of a suitcase for the 2 weeks prior to a move, and the week after. This luggage, in addition those other Essential Boxes, will be what you have immediately accessible during your moving process. You can find a short list of things you definitely don’t want to forget, here.

6. Remember that sense of Adventure
Moving is going to be overwhelming- and that’s ok! If you give yourself enough time to properly plan and address issues as they arise, you will feel more prepared and stress less. Try to remain positive when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Think about why you’re moving, the benefits, and the new things you plan to try. Moving is a clean slate! Take advantage of this opportunity!


Questions or concerns about your moving process? Reach out to the team at Sorensen!

Happy Moving!