As you get ready for your long distance move, it’s important to think about the travel that’s ahead! With all that’s going on, it’s easy to forget to some things that will help you prepare for the drive to your new home. The team at Sorensen is here to help! Here are some quick driving tips for long distance moving:


Snack Smart
Grab snacks and food for meals from the grocery before starting your trip, as well as during it. If you commit to shopping at a grocery, as opposed to a gas station, you’ll most likely eat healthier and feel better as a result during the trip. Try to pre-make some sandwiches and portion out snacks in bags, and avoid purchasing foods that require utensils or could cause a mess. Make sure to have plenty of water in the car to stay hydrated!

Map It
These days everyone uses a smartphone map app to guide them, but for safety consider investing in a dashboard GPS to avoid using a handheld device. Also remember that GPS is not infallible (especially in remote areas!), so we recommend having a road atlas with you, just in case. Try to plan how far you’ll drive each day, and think about where you will stop overnight.

Safety First
Lock all of your valuables in the trunk or glove compartment, and stow wrapped packages, bags and other luggage in the trunk. Consider becoming a AAA member or adding extra roadside assistance to your car insurance. Stock a first aid kit, and include a CPR barrier and metallic blanket. If you do have to pull over, move your vehicle off the road. Never park on the shoulder or in the breakdown lane except for an emergency.

Be Prepared
Make sure to pack a spare phone charger, spare change for tolls, that first-aid kit, flashlight, small pillows, blankets, napkins, plasticware, plastic bags, and a small cooler are all good things to have handy on a longer car ride. Also make sure you vehicle is ready to go by scheduling a maintenance check, or do one yourself. Top off fluids, check wiper blades, tire pressure (including the spare!), and have jumper cables in the truck!

Traveling with Kids
We recommend starting early and ending early when driving with kids. Stop often for snacks, potty breaks, and also for fun! Fresh air and exercise will keep frustration at bay for both you and the kiddos. Pack toys, books, music, and other fun stuff for the ride. Don’t forget to pack something for motion sickness in the first aid kit!

Share the Road
Be considerate of cars in the emergency shoulder and large trucks on the road. Also be aware of trucks when merging onto roads and passing; all that weight has a much harder time slowing down! If you’re driving by a truck and can’t see the truck’s driver-side mirror, or see the driver, they can’t see you!

Self Care
Before beginning a long drive, try and get enough sleep and eat a healthy snack or meal before getting on the road. We know that coffee is helpful to stay alert and focused, and some of you can’t live without it, but remember to pace yourself and recognize your needs. Stop when you need to stop, and try to take quick breaks for fresh air and stretching, even if you don’t think you need to! It’s also a good idea to avoid consuming too much caffeine, as it can cause you to become hyper-attentive and effect your attention span while on the road.

Moving Interstate
Moving locally is usually stressful. But when moving interstate the stress is on the next level. It’s highly recommended that you don’t risk your furniture with unskilled revivalists who can cause damage or loss of your furniture during the long distance move. Hiring skilled movers like Local And Interstate Removals and save your valuables and your time.

Safe travels and best of luck in your new location!
Sorensen Moving & Storage