When it comes to moving, there are always little things to worry about. But if you’re a big-picture thinker, you may also be concerned about your move’s environmental impact. Do the planet — and in most cases, your wallet — a favor by incorporating the following eco-friendly tips to make your next move a little greener.


Get Creative with Packing Material
In lieu of standard bubble wrap or packing peanuts, try using paper, egg cartons, blankets, and towels to pad fragile belongings. If you prefer to purchase materials, or have a company pack for you, consider options for reusable pads, recyclable packing paper and biodegradable bubble wrap or peanuts. 


Find Alternatives to New Boxes

There are many places around town that you can find free boxes (liquor stores are a great place to start!). You can also check Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, as there are oftentimes people at the end of their own moving process who are looking to offload boxes. You can also take advantage of the containers you already own — like suitcases, dresser drawers, plastic bins and duffel bags — to reduce the number of boxes you’ll need.


Donate Stuff You Don’t Need
You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: purge, purge and purge again! When it’s time to move, not only can you save money but cutting down the amount of stuff you need moved, but it’s also the easiest way to reduce your move’s carbon footprint.

Recycle or Reuse Boxes After Your Move 
After your move, make sure to recycle your moving boxes and packing material. Whether you give them to a fellow mover, list them online, or find creative uses for your used boxes — opt for an alternative to the trash bin. 


Trust the Moving Company that Knows What’s Important to You

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