Note: Moving during COVID-19 requires extra precautions. Make sure to wear a mask, keep social distance and follow CDC guidelines. Read more in our post on moving during a pandemic.


Have a move planned soon and not sure where to start? At Sorensen Moving & Storage, we’re here to help. Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions regarding moving, packing and staying focused along the way.


Q: What type of boxes do I need?

A: There’s a variety of boxes you can use to pack your belongings, ranging from small to large, dish-packing to mattress cartons, etc. If you’re in need of boxes, we can provide you with the right supplies. Be sure to ask about packing services during your complimentary survey and quote for your move.


Q: I have scotch tape. Is that good enough to pack my boxes?

A: While scotch tape is sufficient enough for sealing your envelopes, it’s highly recommended that you utilize packing tape instead. Scotch tape is easily torn, and will not efficiently seal your boxes, if at all.


Q: What’s the best way to differentiate my boxes from one another?

A: You can simply write on each box as to what the contents are and/or where each box should go. Consider using colored-tape or stickers on your boxes to inform your movers as to where each box belongs. This allows for the crew to accurately and efficiently move your inventory into your new house.


Q: What if I have pets?

A: Pets, while incredible companions, can disrupt movers during a relocation. If you’re unable to reach out to someone to take care of your pets while a full-service mover is at your residence, have them placed in a secure location, away from the movers.


Whether moving across the country or across the street, you can count on Sorensen Moving & Storage to take care of all your relocation needs. Contact us today to schedule a virtual estimate.