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Ah, love. It has the power to make us do crazy things … including willingly choosing to undergo a move! Whether you’re moving to share a new home with the love of your life or moving because you fell in love with the house you just purchased, moving for love can be a challenge. Stay in control and positive with the following tips for easing the process.


  • Come up with a game plan. First and foremost, make sure you’re both on the same page about the move. The best way to do this? Work together to create a game plan that addresses the financial, logistical, and emotional aspects of the move. Disagreements are inevitable and acknowledging that will help you come up with a way to deal with that stress in a healthy way.


  • Hire professionals to do the heavy lifting. While there are some stressors you can’t avoid during the moving process, hiring professional movers to take care of everything can significantly reduce the headaches involved. Pro tip: opt for a full-service package and let the professionals do the packing as well.


  • Be realistic. Any existing relationship issues will be exacerbated, at least initially, by a big life change. Even the best-organized moves are still disruptive and unpredictable, which can amp up the potential for disagreements. Check in with one another during the move — especially if one of you is more comfortable with the change than the other.


  • Make new memories together. Change is difficult, but it’s also exciting. Establish a pattern that connects you to your new location. Whether it’s visiting a local coffee shop or nightly walks around the neighborhood, creating a routine together can help you both feel more connected to your new surroundings — and to each other.


The stress of the move itself paired with the disruption of leaving everything you know behind and starting a new life somewhere unfamiliar shouldn’t be taken lightly. Try to maintain perspective and remember that overcoming this temporary challenge has the potential to make your relationship even stronger than it was before you started the move!


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Whether you’re moving for love or another reason entirely, our professionals are here to make the process as easy as possible. From local moves to long-distance moves, trust Sorensen to get you relocated — so you can get on with your life. Get a free quote today!