When it comes to finding the best moving hacks, tips and tricks on the web, Reddit never fails to deliver an array of advice from those who have been through it — and lived to tell about it. (If you’re unfamiliar, Reddit is essentially a massive forum with crowdsourced content and discussions on any topic imaginable.) Learn from the successes of Redditors as you prepare for your next move.


Photograph (and number) box contents

“I used to move a lot. My favorite tip is, take a photo of the box when full before closing it up. Put a number on the box AND on the photo. It makes it so much easier to find a specific box when they are all packed up.” – Randygilesforpres

Label parts for easy reassembly

“Create a parts box if you take something apart bag the parts and label them. If there are saved instructions for assembly, it goes in the parts box too. Also, take photos of anything you disassemble as you take it apart, so you have references when you put it back together.” – tambor333

Don’t forget the essentials box

Pack all of your essentials in one box and take it with you in your car or the cab of the truck. I usually pack things like my toothbrush, toothpaste, phone charger, paper towels, hand soap, toilet paper, etc. and this is the first box I unpack. Then you can use your new bathroom as you’re moving and if you don’t finish unpacking you don’t have to dig through boxes to find the stuff you need to shower, eat, or whatever.” – Korsola

Of course, there’s an IKEA hack

“I just got done moving and my hack is IKEA BAGS! $11 got me 21 huge bags that held everything from my pots and pans to my kitchen appliances to clothes to all the dry food in my pantry.” – jazli

Label, label, label — and then label some more

“Label everything! I know this may sound tedious, but it helped me with my cross country move. I labeled each box with a number and in an excel sheet I detailed what went inside each numbered box.” – argirl09

Don’t let your books weigh you down

“Spread out your books in the bottom of every box. Just one layer in the bottom of every box – that way you won’t have a thousand super heavy boxes.” – Hatcheling

Bag your clothes on their hangers

“Don’t bother taking your clothes off the hangers. Just divide your closet into sections and pull a garbage bag up from the bottom over or just take them a few at a time and lay them out in a laundry basket. Just leave the hangers in and everything, then you just hang them back up in your new closet! Also use plastic laundry baskets for moving heavy things, like dishes or fridge contents.”

– orthoysoncology


Prioritize the bed

“Set up the bed first. Then make it. Then do everything else. It’s a pain to have what might be a long day and no bed to fall into. At least this way when you are over the whole thing you can just give up and go to sleep.” – StefanTheNurse

Get the unpacking over with

“If you are anything like I was, unpack everything as quickly as possible. I lived out of boxes for 3 months before I finally unpacked everything and wish I had just done it sooner and gotten it over with.” – argirl09

Save space the clever way

“When you are unpacking just unpack what you need and leave everything else in the boxes. Retrieve items from the boxes as needed. If you haven’t retrieved it after 60 days, it can probably be put in storage. This will save space in the long run.” – BlueZ28

Order pizza ASAP

“Research pizza places and order in once you get there. Have some paper plates, cups, and bottles of your favorite beverages ready.” – biocarolyn


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