Packing Your Kitchen


We all can agree moving can be stressful, especially when it comes time to start packing certain rooms in your home, like the kitchen for instance. Most of us know the kitchen can be the most difficult room in the entire house to pack because it has so many breakable items as well as items you only use on occasions. That’s when you have to ask yourself- is this worth packing and moving or should I get rid of it or donate it?


Most moves are based off of weight, unless you are moving locally. So for those long distance moves, you should sort through your pantry and cupboard and try to narrow down on the weight you are trying to move. For those food items in there you know you aren’t going to eat before you leave town, ask a friend if they would like them or donate them to your local food drive. Stemware and dishes should be packed separately from bulky items that may cause them to break during the move.


On special occasions, we may take out our good China to eat with or certain table linens for the holidays. If you haven’t used these items in quite some time, it may be time to pass them along to a family member; at least they are still in the family. There’s no sense in adding weight to your move by packing and shipping items you hardly use.


As far as cleaning products go, there are of many of these items that cannot be shipped. If you have a product that has already been opened, the best suggestion is to try giving them away or dispose of them properly. Many moving companies have a list available of items you cannot ship. Be certain to check with your professional movers before deciding to add these items to a box or two.  It would probably be best to pack the unopened, transferrable items this way you have something to clean with right away when you arrive to your new home.


The last and most important box you should pack from your kitchen is the essentials box. This box includes all of the items you are going to want or need as soon as you get to your new residence. You should label this box “essentials” or “last out/ first in”- this way your movers are aware that this is an important box and should be the first one off of the truck. Most tend to pack the items that will be used within the first 24 hours upon arriving to your new home. Even if you aren’t ready to pack your essential box just yet, you can always start by making a list of the items you plan to put in it.


Now that you have prepped your kitchen, you can begin to pack.


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Written by: Tiffany Vargas